Sew Spoiled Ladybug inTina Givens fabric

Just wanted to share another great way to use the Ladybug eBook. Instead of using linen, I used another print that complimented the accent print. These fabrics are from Tina Givens “Evening Light” fabric collection. Sew Love Fabrics carries the collection at etsy. I love Ruth’s shop!! It was Ruth’s idea to use the Ladybug print by Tina Givens.
I love this look of country chic!
Another good use for the ladybug, mini purse would be for pacifiers. It is the perfect size to zip and store 2 or more pacifiers at a time. Attach the ladybug to your diaper bag and you have easy access!
Remember you can find these patterns from Sew Spoiled at Etsy.
Have fun sewing!!


2 Responses

  1. i just bought one of your patterns (wristlet) off of YCMT – shoot! i didn’t realize it was on etsy. i would’ve gotten it off of that so you got a little more money! ; )

    i’m excited about it. i think it’ll make great christmas presents for teachers and such.

  2. Thanks!! I still appreciate all of the support!! 🙂 Look for new Sew Spoiled patterns. I try to publish a new one each month!

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